PUAEME001B – Provide Emergency Care

Course Summary

This course teaches the skills and knowledge required to provide emergency care pending the arrival of appropriately qualified personnel.

PUAEME001B – Provide Emergency Care applies to all public safety workers who are required to provide initial life-saving emergency care at an incident. It is not designed for workers whose primary response role is one of emergency care, first aid, or pre-hospital care.

Course Content 
  • Introduction to First Aid and First Aid principals
  • Legal and social considerations
  • Major body systems
  • Chain of survival
  • Reporting and debriefing
  • Medical Illnesses and issues
  • Bandaging, soft tissue injuries, fractures and dislocations
  • Trauma related injuries
  • Initial training: 18 hours of face to face training and assessment
  • Refresher training: 8 hours of face to face training and assessment

Multiple choice and written question paper covering the following:

  • Occupational Health and Safety guidelines for lifting and carrying
  • Systems of the body such as respiratory, skeletal, digestive, circulatory, nervous, urinary and skin
  • Causes and management of unconciousness
  • Priorities for life support in emergencies
  • Health Department guidelines for personal hygeine
  • Australian Resuscitation Council resuscitation guidelines
  • Applying resuscitation techniques
  • Controlling bleeding
  • Casualty assessment
  • Principles of intial casualty management
  • Management of fractures and soft tissue injuries
  • Management of burns
  • Personal level of responsibility
  • Limitations
  • Competency
  • Performing first aid scenario and task demonstrations for a variety of situations including but not limited to: Adult/child CPR and Defibrillation single and 2 rescuer methods, verbal reporting, debriefing, evaluating and written incident reporting, bleeding control and shock, burns, PIT for snake/spider bite, RICE for sprain, bandage and sling for fracture

A Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment in 

  • PUAEME001B – Provide Emergency Care 

will be issued to all successful participants


It is recommended this course be renewed every 36 months in line with industry standards. 

Course Fee


*Please note that it is a requirement of this course that you are physically capable of performing uninterrupted CPR for at least 2 minutes on an adult and infant CPR manikin placed on the floor and able to follow the prompts of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).


If you are completing this course, please download the student agreement to ensure you are aware of your rights and obligations. You can access the student written agreement handbook here


Training and assessment is delivered in partnership with Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909

PUAEME001B - Provide Emergency Care | provide emergency care

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