Product Description

The Najo Lite is our lightest and most popular Najo backboard weighing just 6.5 kg.

Angled edges, 22 hand hold positions and a tapered foot end provide excellent hand grip comfort as well as limitless lift and handling options in industrial settings or confined spaces.

  • The central lower slot allows immobilisation of each leg separately
  • Strong, one-piece HDPE construction is 100% X-ray translucent
  • Impervious to body fluids allowing for quick cleaning or decontamination
  • Buoyant for water rescue operations

Base Package:supplied with Najo Lite backboard and 3 body restraints
Immobilisation Package: supplied with Najo Lite backboard, head immobiliser, adjustable Wizloc neck collar and Faststrap patient restraint  to facilitate safe immobilisation and transer of a patient.


  • Length: = 183cm
  • Width: = 41cm
  • Height: = 4cm
  • Weight: = 6.5kg
  • Load Limit: = 204kg