Course Summary 

This course applies to those in a forest, agricultural, local council, emergencies services and other government agency environment. With the exception of minor forest produce, it is not relevant to commercial harvesting operations.

This course covers what is required to assess and manually fall small trees with a low level of complexity and to complete operator maintenance.

Resources that will be available for this course  

Workplace location or simulated workplace of a forest environment that contains small trees with a low level of falling complexity

PPE and clothing including:

– Safety helmet
– Safety gloves
– Protective footwear
– Eye protection
– Hearing protection
– High visibility clothing
– Leg protection (trousers or chaps)

Materials and equipment including:

– Warning signs
– Chainsaw and components
– First aid equipment
– Support tools
– Manufacturers’ instructions for use and maintenance of equipment
– Radio or communication device
– Firefighting equipment (if prescribed

Specifications and work instructions, including:

– Information and instructions relevant to tree-falling operations, including processing location details and trees to be felled and retained
– Policy and procedures for work health and safety (WHS)
– Risk assessment plan|
– General and specific environment requirements
– Relevant state or territory logging code of practice
– Emergency and evacuation procedures
– Fire protocols
– Relevant personnel for the purpose of communicating information

Hours to complete this course : 14hrs

Exceptions for duration of the course

Course durations are reflective of group sizes of between 4 and 15 students. If there are less students in a group, you may find course duration reduced by a maximum of 10%. If a class size exceeds 15 students, it may therefore also be necessary to increase course duration depending on the number of students.

Recognition or any prior learning or previous courses 

Upon enrolment, you are given the opportunity to upload your previous certificate and based on that evidence; the course can be modified based on your previous knowledge. There is a currency requirement to be able to demonstrate skills such as felling trees.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)      

Completing any vocational education course in Australia, it is a requirement for you to obtain and supply a USI. This is obtainable from usi.gov.au if a USI is not supplied and verified with usi.gov.au a certificate cannot be issued to you.

If you are under 18 years of age

It is a requirement that parental/guardian consent is obtained for students under the age of 18 to be able to participate in a course. 

ASSESSMENT – THEORY – Multi choice question paper

Question paper based on the knowledge requirements for the course.


ASSESSMENT – PRACTICAL – Physical demonstrations

The simulated assessment environments will reflect the real-life working environment where these skills and knowledge would be performed, with all the relevant equipment and resources of that working environment.  Skills must be demonstrated by the student working individually in an environment that provides realistic in-depth, industry-validated scenarios and simulations to assess students’ skills and knowledge.

It’s important that students have knowledge of the content of this course. The assessable practical skills are listed below.

You will be assessed on performing chainsaw scenario and task demonstrations for:

– Visually assessing site and soundings

– Putting site environment protection measures and the organisational requirements in place

– Following work specifications and instructions

– Identifying and controlling hazards and risks

– Assessing the tree for defects and falling direction

– Planning felling

– Applying tree felling techniques

– Using communication devices and signals

– Inspecting, use and maintain safety equipment, tools and PPE

– Selecting and clear escape routes, around the tree and safe distance zones

– Using a chainsaw to make a range of cuts to fell trees

– Conducting housekeeping and dispose of waste materials considering the environment  

 Award issued

FWPCOT2236 Fall trees manually (basic)

It is recommended this course be renewed every 36 months in line with industry standards. Locate the most current training package at training.gov.au 

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