First Aid Kit Inspections

first aid kit inspections
First Aid Kit Inspections

One of our First Aid Kit Auditors can come to your workplace to check your kits for compliance and expired stock, and design a program to manage the first aid stock levels in your high-turnover kits and multiple first aid stations.

First Aid Kit Inspections can be completed in your workplace or at our office.

ERT Group will supply a copy of the inspections for each kit that details the contents at the time of inspection and replace any missing or expired supplies; ensuring your first aid kit/s are ready for use in an emergency. 

ERT Group can also create, update and manage your First Aid Register and upcoming audits, taking all the hassle out of this for you.

If you prefer to conduct your own First Aid Kit Inspection for your home or workplace, simply download our First Aid Kit Audit Forms from any of the links below and email your completed form to us at

Code Of Practice First Aid Kit Order Form V1.7 

Trauma Emergency First Aid Kit Order Form V1.6

Large Metal Wall Mount High Risk Industry First Aid Kit Order Form V1.1

Remote Area First Aid Kit Contents Order Form V1.1  

Burns Kit Order Form V1.1

Defibrillator Kit Order Form V1.1

Snake Bite First Aid Kit Order Form V2.4

Emergency Eye Wash and Station Order Form V1.0

Medical Oxygen Products Order Form

Farm First Aid Kit Order Form V1.2

Caravan and Camping Kit Order Form V1.1

Vehicle First Aid Kit Order Form V1.1

Deluxe Oxygen Therapy Kit Order Form V1.3

Dozer First Aid Kit Order Form V1.0   

Oxygen Therapy Back Pack Manual Suction with First Aid Kit Order Form V1.3

Personal First Aid Kit Bumbag Order Form V1.1 


To find out your duties and obligations as a PCBU, please see the SafeWork Australia Model Code of Practice: First Aid in the Workplace located here

ERT Group stock a very large range of First Aid, Defibrillator, Medical Oxygen and Rescue supplies that may not appear on the audit forms. If you have a product which is not on the lists, please contact us and we will most likely have this for you.  

Take the stress out of keeping your First Aid Kits up to date and compliant by calling us today on 1300 609 222, or via email